Prayer 4

The Peregrination of Saint Teresa

Posted : Feb-13-2023

The Peregrination of Saint Teresa's Relic at St. Teresa's Parish in Etobicoke

“A relic is: (1) part of the body of a saint (a first-class relic), (2) an item, such as a piece of clothing, used by a saint (a second-class relic) or (3) an object touched to a first or second-class relic (a third-class relic). There are multiple examples in Scripture of the benefits of relics, such as when the bones of Elisha came in contact with a dead man and the man was raised to life (2 Kings 13:21) or when the Christians of Ephesus used handkerchiefs and cloths touched to the person of St. Paul and they became conduits of grace to heal the sick (Acts 19:12). While the healings came from God, the relics were His chosen means through which He acted. The fact that God chooses to use relics to work healing and miracles tell us that he wants to draw our attention to the saints as ‘models and intercessors’ (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 828).”

General Information

The reliquary contains our patroness St. Therese’s relic of the first class.

Each family will take turns to venerate at home. We ask that detailed information be provided to register and reserve your turn.

The reliquary’s place while at our church is on a little table near the altar.

At this time, the peregrination is for St. Theresa parishioners only.

How to Participate

Check the calendar on the parish website for the reliquary’s availability: 

To register and reserve your turn please use one of the following methods:

To register and reserve your turn we require:

  1. Your name
  2. Your residential address
  3. Your phone 
  4. Your e-mail address
  5. Your requested reliquary pick-up DATE with pick-up TIME
  6. Your reliquary return DATE and TIME

The return date must be on the nearest Friday, at the latest.


Reliquary pick-up and return

Pickup times will be as agreed upon during registration. The reliquary’s place while at our church is on a little table near the altar. This is where it can be placed/retrieved by participating parishioners.

Each participating family/parishioner is obliged to notify M. Soltys of a successful return or pick-up.

The reliquary may be returned to church during any week-day mass (Friday at the latest) – or to parish office during regular office hours. In case none of those times are convenient, please contact Fr. Józef directly to schedule drop-off 647-703-8196.

Also, it is requested that there be no "subletting" of the relic to other people or homes. The relic stays with the family member who registered, although friends and other family members can visit to venerate.