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Feast day of St. Teresa
We cordially invite you to the annual Parish Feast Day in honour of our patron St. Teresa of...
500 Years of Christianity
500 Years of Christianity in the Philippines
Join us on Sept. 11, 2021, Saturday, for a Thanksgiving Mass - remembering the milestone in our faith journey...
Parish Update - COVID Concerns
Dear Parishioners,     Greetings to You all, I am very grateful for your care and concern. ...
Parish Update May 10, 2021
St. Teresa’s Parish, Etobicoke May 10, 2021 Dear St. Teresa’s Parishioners: I would like...
Sick 2
Update on Donations
Dear Parishioners I hope and pray that you are staying healthy – both physically and spiritually. Please let...
Covid-19 and the Archdiocese
We share the frustration of all those who are struggling with the current restrictions on places of worship...
A crowd of people from around the world sit outside of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican
Synod on Synodality: Imagining the Church’s Future
A global grassroots listening process is underway in the Catholic Church, which will be known as the &ldquo...

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Update on Donations
You are no doubt aware that our parish relies on the support of our parishioners to operate – salaries, programs and ongoing operating costs (heating, water, electricity, etc.). These are funded through the generosity of our parish community. It continues to be a challenge for our parish to maintain operations without the weekly offertory collection.
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Volunteer your time, talent and treasure to the catholic community both to St. Teresa's Parish. Take a look at the various opportunities to support below.
Monetary donations are not the only way to give back to your Parish. Take a look at the various volunteer opportunities in St. Teresa's Parish in Etobicoke
Sharing your talents can be a wonderful opportunity to express your faith. Do you have a talent you would like to share and help out? Music? Photography? Art? Send us an email and tell us how you would like to help out
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